This is Legs. He is cute.

Legs was born April 25, 1993 and seemed to be one of the first beanies to somewhat flood the market, there were plenty to go around! Legs retired in October of 1997. Legs is basic green frog. Later frog rapidly ramdom different. Most people cares this beanie babies most. Sadly, he is retired... But you can still get them from ebay or any shopping website, (ebay, so on...)
Why are Legs is called "Legs"?Edit

Some of reason below.

  1. Powerful leg shown in poem, "Legs likes to play leapfrog"
  2. Frog likes to jump, legs is which force you up to jump.

Interesting InfoEdit

Birthday 04/25/93
Style Number 4020
Introduced 01/08/94
Status Retired (10/01/97)


Legs lives in hollow log

Legs likes to play leapfrog

if you like to hang out at the lake

Legs will be the new friend you make!